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Your interactive project management software

Available onmars 2017 ...in the meantime, discover its unique features !

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Determine your search scope with Google Maps

Easy to use, to work only locally, involve producers from other regions or abroad, widen the area to the desired maximum distance

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Accessible software at the office or on the job site

Its Responsive Design function makes your WELL software available on all media, in all circumstances, even outdoors. It is also compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Android or Windows

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Your project connected to materials

Draw in the library of materials supplied by the manufacturers and send the products of your choice in your project. Short shopping circuit, for big savings. Issue a quote and place an order.

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Architects and craftsmen in collaborative mode

To work faster, all the participants of the same project can access the platform and exchange online. Between internal collaborators, or with your external service providers, it is the ideal tool to transmit your questions, documentation and answers.

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A Quote, Order and Fluid Billing interface

WELL-Library is a true enterprise management software. No more wasted time jumping from one software to another to manage materials, orders and invoices. The WELL-LIBRARY package already includes all this.

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Project management 100% intuitive!

Say goodbye to archaic project management. With its interface designed in User Xperience logical and intuitive, managing tasks and all stages of your projects becomes a breeze in WELL-LIBRARY. Try it, you'll be surprised!